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This is why we fight when we’re against a superpower. This is why we resist even when we’re old and frail. This is why even when there are drones and fighter jets above our heads we still run out to grab our shot cousin from the street. This is why we report when missiles fly overhead. This is why we shout “my mother, my mother” when a mother is killed.

We’re dying anyway. We might get killed inside our homes or outside. We might get killed in the next operation or die from deprivation. We might end up in prison for whatever reason, or a lack of one, and end up not living a life. We’re dying no matter what we do, so we might as well die with dignity, die with purpose, and say that we have lived for something — for the population we desperately protect, for the Holy Land we refuse to see bastardized by Western foolishness, for the people we love and share our blood and souls with.

And for all that everything means to us, we mean nothing to anyone. But one day, they will see. The whole world will see who the Palestinians are. The world will hear the pride in our pain. You, with your privileged inaction, will never forget Palestine.

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White Northern Lights in Finland

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